About me

Hi, I’m Franziska, but you can call me Franzi.


I’m proof that absolutely anyone can learn how to treat themselves with kindness. Even though I had a successful career, I was overwhelmed by self-doubt. My inner critic insisted I always said or did the wrong thing, even when I didn’t. I coped by numbing myself and adopting a loud “life of the party” persona. This not-so-healthy strategy only covered up my struggles. Eventually, it led to a deep depression a long search for answers led me to therapy and personal development courses. Mindful self-compassion was a small section of a positive psychology course, but it saved me from the dark abyss. I realized I was missing a genuine connection with myself. 

The first time I experienced my mind and body on self-compassion was fabulous! I felt simultaneously soft, strong, and loved. It taught me kindness isn’t weak, and self-care makes us stronger. 

These practices gave me the confidence to leave my hotel management career and become a coach. Now, I’m a Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher and Certified Coach who loves helping women embrace life during the muddy middle. 

When I’m not teaching and coaching, you can find me enjoying the outdoors. I’m a long-distance triathlete, wisdom seeker, life-long learner, and lover of yoga. I live in Germany with my dalmatian, Nigel-Piet, who offers down dog lessons in exchange for belly rubs.



Find inner peace and live a more compassionate life.


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